Because Blocks Should Be Open Source!

You have reached the internet home of the Qub³d Engine Group. We're currently building all sorts of awesome things, including the Qub³d Engine, a brand new voxel game engine for C++ and OpenGL, and Sandblox, a voxel-based sandbox platform, where anyone can define their own game. We'll also be creating an epic default game for Sandblox, currently entitled Horizons.

Who We Are

We're the motly crew responsible for the Qub³d Engine project: a brand new, open source voxel game engine, backed by a friendly community! Our ultimate goal is to build an open source voxel sandbox that is truly epic.

Our Team

Scarecröwman (classified)

BDFL (Benevolent Dictator For Life), Fearless Leader and co-founder of Qub³d

toby109tt (Toby plowy)

BVFL (Benevolent Visionary For Life), Pixel Tamer (Lead Artist) and founder of Qub³d

CodeMouse92 (Jason)

Cat Herder (Community Director), Logistics Coordinator

TMcSquared (Thomas / "Tre")

Code Rancher (Lead Developer)

NewbProgrammer101 (Jay)

Repository Sentry (Lead DevOp)

SonosFuer (Austin)

Docs Librarian (Lead Technical Writer)


Server Wrangler (Lead IT)

...and the rest of the Qubians!

The Qub³d Engine Group is made possible by a team of volunteer developers and designers, working together to make this dream a reality. Want to join us? See Plug In below to get in touch!

Plug In

We also have GitHub mirrors, although we do not accept issues or pull requests through that site. If you want to help with development, check out Phabricator (above).

Contact Us

Have questions? You can email us at y​o​@​q​u​b​3​d​.​o​r​g with inquiries.