Community Rules

By participating in this community, you agree to abide by our community rules.

RESPECT: Everyone is entitled to basic respect, period. Assume the best, aim to resolve conflict, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Harassment, hate speech, bullying, "flaming" and "trolling" will not be tolerated in any form.

COMMUNICATION: Don't be shy about sharing ideas, asking questions, or expressing concerns; also, please respect others' right to communicate the same.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: If you don't know something, please ask for help! We are all growing and learning. Meanwhile, please don't answer questions in a rude or flippant manner.

COLLABORATION: We welcome your ideas and collaborative efforts. Please remember that our projects are the culmination of many ideas. Regard the contributions of others with the same value you place on your own.

STEPPING DOWN: Your participation is voluntary. If you decide you don't want to be involved in the community in some capacity anymore, that is your right. However, please be considerate in how you step down, so as to minimize disruption to the community.

LANGUAGE: We ask that our community members not use crude or foul language (i.e. profanity, racism, etc.). This includes "obfuscation" of such language, such as through substituting symbols for the letters. This rule helps keep our communication friendly, and promotes use of real words to express ideas.

CONTENT: We ask that our community members do not post any content which is "NSFW" (not safe/appropriate for work), "mature audiences only." PG-13 is somewhat tolerable, but do not push it. This would include material which is morbid, overly violent, explicitly sexual, or encouraging/condoning any illegal activity.

OFFTOPIC: We generally discourage discussions involving Politics, Religion or Sports. They don't really have anything to do with our project, and do little but cause arguments.

The same goes for MINETEST and its affiliated development. We like Minetest, but as we are no longer using their engine as our base, we are trying to move forward. It will not be useful for anyone to bring up old arguments or fights, nor will it bring new light into a developing community.

Please keep all these kinds of debates on the front lawn and out of our house.

NO LITTERING: Please don't create content which serves absolutely no purpose to the community's goal. Fun, humor, and occasional off-topic talk is welcome (especially in comments and chat) as long as it doesn't interfere with the community's goals, but please don't clutter up the community with useless noise.

NO VANDALISM: Do not attempt to deface, remove, or otherwise destroy your contributions, or the contributions of others. (This does NOT include revision or removal of comments.) If you need something removed, contact an administrator.

NO CRACKING: We have set various security measures and permissions controls in place throughout our network. Do not tamper with these or attempt to break them; doing so is a serious violation, generally resulting in immediate and permanent removal from the community.

NO ADVERTISING: You may not post anything designed solely to promote another website, product, service, or the like. You MAY post links and/or information.

NO SCRAPING: You may not collect bulk information about our staff or community members by any means for any reason.

YOUR ACCOUNT: You are solely responsible for the maintenance and operation of your account in compliance with these rules. If you believe your account has been compromised, contact the community's administrators.

MODERATORS: All moderators have final authority. Their decision shall be considered final - modification and reversal of decisions are internal moderation issues. In the event of a conflict between moderators and community members, contact an administrator privately.

OUR RIGHTS: The community administrators retain the exclusive rights of full control over all aspects of the community network, including...

  • The right to add, modify, and remove any content as we see fit.
  • The right to add, modify, and remove features and access to features as we see fit.
  • The right to grant and revoke anyone's access to the community, as we see fit.
  • The right to revise these rules as we see fit.

These rules are adapted from the MousePaw Media General Community Rules and Ubuntu Code of Conduct