What's Your Relationship to Minetest?

We are not a fork of Minetest, nor are we a rival of Minetest. We aim to build our own engine and voxel game, based on a different vision and philosophy. We don't claim to be better (or worse) than Minetest, nor do we plan on replacing them. We're simply a different project in the same genre.

We originally started as a Minetest fork, but after some discussion, both communities came to a mutual agreement that it would be in everyone's best interest for us to split off entirely.

Today, we consider our project as running in parallel to Minetest. We share some contributors and fans, draw inspiration from their project, and hope to inspire them in turn.

What's Your Relationship to Minecraft™?

We are not a clone of Minecraft™. We're in the same genre - a voxel-based sandbox game - and we draw signficant inspiration from this game. However, we have our own original ideas about building an engine, game, and community. Many of us play Minecraft™, and will probably continue to do so. We don't need to "replace" that game, but simply to offer our own take on the genre.